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Uniting a global workforce

Modern Integrated Client Software Designs
Project status: Project Complete Implemented

Global social network, online project workspaces and corporate knowledge base


To drive project management excellence by enabling an internal network of global project staff to; connect and build relationships, manage their projects and access and share project files from any location, and access and contribute to a living project management body of knowledge.


A custom social network, living body of knowledge and complete online project management workspace released globally in multiple languages, and rich with modern and innovative features.


Initial project brainstorming sessions, team design sessions and design reviews, information architecture and automated workflow designs, user and administration system designs, executive presentations, usage tracking and notification system designs, project manager designation and profile management systems, complete graphical and user interface designs, interactive user interface development, UI development and testing.

Solution Highlights:

  • All staff are assigned profile that includes personal and professional information. Registration is easy, just visit the site and you are asked to create a profile that is associated with your corporate login.
  • Staff are reminded to provide regular updates to their interests, skills and experience so that they can be aligned with the best projects for career growth and success, find others with similar interests, and provide support in areas of specialization.
  • Knowledge base information and navigation is organized around the recognized and well-known PMBOK categories and includes the ability to; preview resources, view popular and recommended resources, and like, suggest, discuss, share and update resources.
  • All contributions to knowledge or community growth are recognized and rewarded through special site visibility and site priority. Rewarded contributions include; staff invitations to join the site, the sharing or improvement of resources, providing answers, and engaging in discussions.
  • A rich online project spaces environment allows project files, media and people to be managed and accessed centrally and enables the outlook-integrated central storage of project emails, calendars, and tasks.

Need ways to maximize a distributed workforce?

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Hive One design approach

The all-to-common problem

It’s natural to be both excited about the potential of a new technology opportunity and concerned about how often technology projects fail to delivery on the potential. Although started with the best of intentions, significant technology projects often become a tangle of conflicting agendas, feature compromises, missed deadlines and cost overruns. And the large solutions that do make it to release are often cumbersome, incomplete and even unworkable. And the bigger and the more complex the project, the worse it often is.

A common point of failure is the approach taken with technology projects.

Does the following sound familiar?

In hindsight you're told that you should have built on the cloud... you should have done a better job of change management... you should have conducted more user consultations.... you should have 'place current IT buzzphrase here'. Although these observations may contain truth, the real problem was likely a lot more foundational. Were you clear on what you were building?

Sidney Opera House Design Model

Stepping outside of the software industry, it’s actually remarkable that significant software projects are still run the way they are. Especially business-critical projects with a significant number of users.

Ask yourself, what would you do if your project was a significant investment in a custom building that you were going to move everyone into?

Would your first step be to create a core design including models of the actual building and the most important and compelling features, and then use these designs to communicate and show people your vision, validate your direction, engage stakeholders, get estimates, make directional decisions, and have a clear direction before you start building?

Would you ever start building anything significant without a clear design you could visually communicate? Even if you were building in stages?

Significant buildings are never started without a foundational design, construction companies rarely design the buildings they build (for obvious conflict reasons, they will often sell you what they can make profitably, not what you need), and construction companies are definitely never asked to figure out the core design as they build. So why is this still acceptable for software projects?

A proven and better way

At Hive One, we create innovative visual technology designs that provide solution clarity and allow you to start your project on the right foot. We understand the emotional and logical power that compelling core designs have in setting clear objectives and making sure your vision is both understood and exciting to everyone involved.

Using the same approach as non-software projects, our creative and concise designs and communication materials allow you to build momentum, engage stakeholders, get accurate estimates, pick the right technology and partner, keep everyone working towards a common goal, and release a winning solution. And not only do our designs work for virtually any technology platform, our designs fit naturally into agile, waterfall and hybrid development approaches.

To understand our services, it helps to understand our design process. The following describes our three-phase approach. If necessary this process can be performed iteratively for large projects with multiple stages of development.

The Hive One Design Process
Software Design Step One

As diversity and experience are critical to good design and innovation, we start by constructing a design team selected for their diverse skills, unique solution perspectives and subject matter expertise and throw the net wide across three fundamental areas of exploration:

  • The available benefits and opportunities for the people that will use the system(s)
  • The business outcomes expected for the organization that is building the system(s), and
  • The new and existing (legacy) technologies that will enable the important user and business outcomes above.

Allocating time for these initial sessions allows you to explore innovation opportunities, business requirements, and critical success factors, and ensures that all future work is clearly aligned with organizational, user and technology realities.

Software Design Step Two

In the second phase, the insights and requirements that have been gathered are converted into conceptual designs, documents and presentations that articulate innovative and high value features, describe process flows and explain the solution. These conceptual designs allow the solution to be communicated, for important audiences to be engaged for feedback into the designs, and to gain core solution approval.

This is also a great opportunity to start communicating the conceptual solution and its benefits across stakeholders and audiences to build interest and momentum.

Software Design Step Three

In the third phase, conceptual designs are converted into beautiful prototypes, exciting designs, comprehensive system requirements, and solution road maps. These final designs can be used to communicate your compelling vision, get accurate estimates for development, evaluate development partners and technologies, and build your solution right the first time.

To ensure that your projects are successful, we also provide a wide array of solution leadership, communications and implementation services through the build and release processes. For more on our services, see the 'about us' section of our web site.

At Hive One, we leverage our time-tested approach to ensure that you create innovative, effective high quality software that is a pleasure to use and makes a substantial difference to your organization. With a team portfolio that includes over 65 complex projects in the last 12 years across a complex array of technologies and needs, we are confident that we will help you achieve more... by design.

Find out how our design services can maximize your success.

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Integration Innovation

Designing modern integrated client tools
Project status: Project Complete Implemented

Fully integrated client intake and self-service solution


To create modern and secure online tools for public users to request services, share information and communicate with case managers who work from a large enterprise government system that is not accessible externally or designed for mobile devices


A suite of fully integrated public software that increases automation of intake, improves rural and non-business hour access to services and information, and opens a communication channel between public users on any device, and case staff working from an enterprise Oracle Seibel case management system.


Directional ideas and concepts, client and stakeholder design sessions, executive presentations, process and automated workflow designs, Case Management and web site integration designs, storefront geo-location designs, graphical designs, user interface development and coding, responsive (desktop, mobile, tablet) designs, development and testing, oversight of project development and quality, professional solution presentations and deployment marketing materials.

Solution Highlights:

  • Fully responsive, the client tools look great and work seamlessly across all modern devices, operating systems and browsers
  • The solution is fully integrated with existing high traffic web sites to maximize awareness of new tools and services and is also fully integrated with the government case management system to allow case workers to continue to work from, and client information to be directly retrieved from, and directly stored into, the core case system.
  • A powerful intake management system allows all service requests to be reviewed if necessary, and submitted directly into the case management system where the client contact and case are automatically created
  • Unlike a standard client portal where you log into a site and navigate pages to view information and complete requests, the information sharing component of the portal looks and feels like email. This makes the system easy to learn and ensures that all requests and information sharing between clients and case managers include human interactions, a core goal of case management.

Need to create modern external access to your enterprise systems?

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Preserving our planet

Design for a better future
Project status: Project in Progress In Progress

Carbon reduction rewards program and technology platform


To create a market driven solution for reducing global carbon emissions and to create effective incentives that will help ensure a better world for ourselves and our future generations.


A comprehensive behavioral economics solution that provides real-time financial rewards for fuel efficiency and that establishes regional incentives for manageable recurring reductions and continuous improvement. Through high levels of participation, the solution creates widespread societal awareness and contribution to a better future without requiring significant changes to the existing infrastructure.


A complete 'in-house' project (internally owned and funded by Hive One profits).

Solution Highlights:

  • Effectively targets all 5 areas of human behavior to maximize on adoption and change impacts; good information, personal ability, social observation, personal benefit and personal identity
  • Simple registration, program and process make understanding and using the program a breeze
  • With high visibility, ECOtop50 creates its own instant awareness and momentum wherever it is installed
  • Based on fully adaptive algorithms; ECOtop50 starts with where a regional population is today, and sets achievable stretch targets every year to drive manageable but continuous improvement in the reduction of energy consumption and carbon emissions.

For information on this innovative solution

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About Hive One

Hive One Solutions
Hive One Services

In a world increasingly driven by technology and limited by budgets and time, your technology systems represent crucial investments. At Hive One, we specialize in turning needs and ideas into innovative designs and clear visions of the future. Our designs transform an often frustrating, vague and high-risk software development process into clear, meaningful and successful projects. Armed with the solution clarity and compelling vision we provide, you will have a newfound ability to generate buy-in, clearly articulate your needs and goals, obtain accurate cost and time estimates, select the best development partner, and build winning solutions.

We intentionally do not provide platform development services ourselves (with the exception of building engaging rich user interfaces and solution prototypes) to avoid technology bias and ensure that we can use our winning framework to create effective designs for any platform or technology. Our development oversight services ensure that challenges don't turn into compromises during build phases and make sure your needs are clearly understood and represented in every design decision. Our professional communications and implementation services help you build widespread momentum for your projects from day one and maximize adoption and buy-in right through to project release. In short, we help our clients clearly define winning solutions and work with them to ensure their goals are achieved.

Our professional design services include:

  • Innovative software solution design
  • End-to-end product and solution leadership
  • User experience and interaction design
  • User interface design and development
  • Business analysis, process and workflow design
  • Solution branding, marketing and communications
  • Solution readiness and implementation support

We also provide sessions and seminars on innovation and modern solution design through advanced booking.

Hive One Guiding Principles

We attribute our historical and ongoing success to our core values and beliefs. We are passionate about making an impact, designing elegant solutions and doing meaningful work. This passion comes from the awareness that we need to make the most from our most important personal assets; our interests, skills and finite time. Our services are guided by the following principles:

Make a difference and rewards come naturally

Focus on positive long-term human outcomes and making a real and lasting difference. Applying energy to the realization of meaningful goals and definable improvements is the best way to obtain lasting monetary and non-monetary reward for ourselves and our clients

Be disciplined and flexible, but dare to dream big

Incremental progress and sequential innovations are the driver of fundamental change and large-scale innovation. Have a vision and be bold, but know that sequential wins drive breakthroughs and all significant journeys travel meandering and challenging paths. Be patient and open to changes in direction, but stay the course and avoid compromise.

Demand commitment to common goals, but seek and respect diversity

When united by a common goal, differences in how we communicate, act, work and think are not only a new reality of a global economy, but are critical to innovation, survivability and future success.

Be empathetic, fair and honest

Take time to understand and respect the views of others, be honest with personal views and opinions, and seek fair treatment in all interactions. Fairness, honesty and understanding are the keys to strong teams and trust.

Always strive for excellence

Perfection is rarely possible, but excellence is always achievable. Activities worthy of our finite time are worth doing well. Seek opportunities to live by personal values, leverage personal strengths, improve skills and build knowledge. Perform all work to the best of your ability, and expect the same from others. Excellent work is the foundation of meaningful successful careers and a positive impact on the world.

We can help you achieve greater success

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Resolving disputes

Designing Affordable Online Resolution
Project status: Project in Design Conceptual Design

Expert system and e-Resolution platform


To create an innovative suite of modern online software tools and systems to increase the affordability, simplicity, speed and access of dispute resolution for the British Columbia small claims court and Tribunal sector


A comprehensive conceptual design for transformative systems that will be built as applications on a global cloud platform. The conceptual solution includes; a custom expert system and a complete e-Resolution platform to enable online negotiation, facilitation and adjudication processes for citizens and organizations.


Initial conceptual designs, stakeholder interviews, design workshops, stakeholder review workshops, business and organizational process modeling, behavioral incentives, online and manual process design, conceptual technical architecture, feature prioritization, platform and market analysis, requirements and design documentation, presentations and communications

Solution Highlights:

  • The online expert system not only helps disputants understand their rights and prepare their claims with an innovative question-answer-action framework, but is fully dynamic to allow content to be added or modified at any time. Continuous improvement is enabled through targeted usage data and trend reporting
  • Where suitable, disputants and respondents can engage in structured online negotiation and attempt to resolve their dispute immediately, at low or no cost, before the dispute is formally filed
  • The e-hearing platform allows synchronous (real-time), or asynchronous (when you have time) interaction, allowing disputes to be resolved around the modern busy schedules of disputants, respondents and staff
  • Not comfortable accessing or working through the online e-Resolution system? Tribunal staff can include users by email in a seamless integrated process, making the solution accessible to anyone that can send and receive email

Are you looking for ways to transform traditional services?

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Enterprise wide performance

Modern Integrated Client Software
Project status: Project Complete Implemented

Fleet management, logistics and performance solution


To create a complete rugged mobile and online software solution for the real-time management, optimization and performance of a large and diverse bulk commodity trucking fleet.


A complete suite of hardware, software and information systems including; rugged integrated touch-screen mobile truck computers, lunchroom training and shift report kiosks, a corporate data warehouse, and a full suite of online tools for geo-location, driver reporting, summary reporting, performance dashboards, dispatch, real-time communications and administration


Market assessments, worker and executive design sessions, conceptual designs, solution architecture, executive presentations, performance solution designs, process support and timesheet designs, existing system integration designs, complete graphical designs, user interface development and coding, oversight of project development and quality, full media training and marketing materials development.

Solution Highlights:

  • Ruggedized mobile computers in all of the trucks with full color touchscreen for driver interaction and communications, integrated with the truck computer for real-time driving information, and able to send information over cellular, Wi-Fi and satellite networks
  • Lunch-room kiosks that allow drivers to locate their cross-shift trucks, allow drivers to print of shift reports, and that provide audio-visual system training and full system simulation
  • Complete browser-based online toolset that provides real-time location, dispatch, communications, and operational and financial reporting
  • Innovative business intelligence solution that allows the comparison of driver performance by route across 4 key areas of variable cost, fuel economy, driving style, cycle-times, and payload

Looking for better ways to measure, manage, and drive performance?

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Hive One - Achieve more by design

Achieve more... by design

We turn ideas into innovative software solutions, ranging from conceptual to complete, that allow you to show the future, engage teams, generate buy-in, build efficiently and achieve your goals

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“Often people don’t know what they want until you show it to them”

Steve Jobs

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Connecting A Global Workforce

Uniting a global workforce

Social network, knowledge base and online workspaces for global project management excellence

Hive One Design Approach

Our design process

Our approach to innovative design and how we ensure your success

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Integrating with the external world

Extending a large complex internal system to allow modern external access from any device

Extending Internal Software Systems for External Access
“Often people don’t know what they want until you show it to them”

Steve Jobs

Preserving the Earth with Design Innovation

our planet

Helping reduce carbon emissions through behavioral economics innovation

Our Innovative Software Design Philosophy

About us

An overview of Hive One services and the values behind 20 years of innovative solution success

Resolving Disputes Efficiently with Software Innovation

Resolving disputes

Expert advice, claim preparation, and modern online tools for efficient resolutions of disputes

Realizing enterprise wide performance

Driving Enterprise Wide Performance

Activity tracking, best-practice process support, real-time management, and enterprise performance

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